Friday, March 23, 2018
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5 Year Anniversary Celebration

Salvation Army Sutton Youth Shelter

5 years of serving local homeless youth of York Region


It has been five years since the Salvation Army Sutton Youth Shelter opened our doors to serve the local homeless youth of York Region. 


In some senses the time has passed quickly.  Although when we consider the number of faces we have seen as they have passed through our doors, the number of telephone calls that have been made to various support services on behalf of each face and the number of conversations that have taken place over each crisis, fear or opportunity that accompanies any change in life, one doesn’t wonder where the time has gone.


We have seen faces come and go, apparently no further ahead for our efforts though much more often we have seen young people grow some measure toward independent adulthood in their stays with us.  We have helped young people find places to live, rekindle broken family relationships, seek out specific help, find work, find school and find faith.


All told over one thousand new faces have slept in our 16 emergency shelter beds and eaten the meals that have been provided for them.  Their physical needs have been met.  Yet with needs greater than the physical, these young men and women have been cared for.  They have been loved. 


Of all the stereotypes or negative stigma attached to being a homeless young person in need of service there is only one generalization that we would endorse.  Every new person we’ve seen here at some point has not been loved as much as they should have been.  This may not seem like any great concession.  It’s not.  In fact this is probably every one of us, at least at some point in our lives and herein lie’s the point.  There is a fine line between being homeless and being housed.


That’s one thousand different people with one thousand different life stories.  Most of these young men and women have, on paper, benefited from the services we provide here at the Salvation Army Sutton Youth Shelter.  All of these people are better off for having been cared for with the provision of love and dignity.


For our staff team it has been a blessing and privilege to have served York Region’s homeless youth over the past 5 years…………



…….and 5 years of service is cause for celebration!


On Saturday June 18th between 10am and 4pm the Salvation Army Sutton Youth Shelter is hosting a celebration to honour 5 years of serving homeless youth in York Region.  That’s service 7 days a week for 5 yrs.  That’s 43800 straight hours of food, shelter and support services for those who have had need……..

…...That’s amazing!



Celebration will include:



Welcome and introduction of events


11:00am to 3:00pm

Motorcycle Show and Shine with a vote for a favourite bike






Quit presentation


Other activities throughout the day….


Art Exhibit – Hidden In Plain Sight


Tour of the shelter


Face painting and other children’s activities