Thursday, February 22, 2018
Our Services Outreach



Our Outreach Services are a co-operation of our Chaplaincy, Housing, Employment/Education departments. All three work with youth in the community as well as the youth at the shelter. They support youth to help them maintain their housing and employment. Our chaplain also does crisis intervention with youth in Georgina.  Our facility also hosts A.A. meetings and other agencies to help meet needs in our community.

We recognize the tremendous need for supports specific to the homeless youth population. We partner with nonprofits to assist youth who are homeless and at-risk of homeless with housing and additional essential services.

We value the diverse views of the community and engage in open, honest communication with our partners. These communications are collaborative and creative, resulting in services and initiatives that address the changing and emerging needs of the community. Our community contacts provide opportunities to share, learn, grow, recognize one another and celebrate our joint successes. We look forward to hearing from you so we can better serve York Region youth!

Rochelle Saunders, Director